About me

I believe anyone can have a beautiful life – you just have to be willing to learn a thing or two.

People think I grew up privileged. I did not.

I grew up in a very small town in Texas – really small. 500 people in my town, about 50 in my school, 7 in my grade. My mother and father separated before I was born, and my father, a trumpet player by profession, never laid eyes on me. My mother, a singer who I am told performed with various orchestras and U.S.O. tours, left within a couple of years after I was born to continue pursuing her music career, and disappeared never to be seen again. And I was left with alcoholic grandparents in the middle of nowhere.

My clothes were hand-me-downs. Our dishes were all plastic and our napkins were all paper. Food that could not be grown, caught or killed locally did not exist. All of this is to say that there was no “social education”.

Our one form of entertainment – television – gave me a window to “people in the world”. “People in the world” wore good clothes, even at home. They went out to dinner, and ordered things like café au lait and martinis. They used big words and knew what they meant. And I wanted to be one of those people.

My resources – I was smart and enthusiastic and eager to learn. I was a sponge for learning art, literature, music, vocabulary and basic survival in any situation.

Fast forward – I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve stayed everywhere from bring-your-own-sheet cabins to 5-star hotels and dined at local shacks and Michelin starred restaurants. And stayed real and true to my humble, raised-by-wolves roots.

In all my travels and experiences, my greatest passion has been for all things French. The people, the country, the architecture, the food – everything has a beauty and richness that takes my breath away.

I hope this blog will be helpful and maybe share some insight as we continue together to nourish our inner French woman.