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Discovering Your Personal Style

Do you have your own style, or does your closet look like Sybil (you know, the girl who was famous for having 13 different distinct personalities)?

You should be able to describe your style in a few words – edgy, vintage, casual, sporty, chic, classic, [insert favorite adjectives here].

Why is knowing your style so important? Why not just buy whatever you think is “pretty”? Well, there are a lot of pretty clothes, for sure. But knowing your style means knowing what looks best for you and, more importantly, knowing what makes you feel good about yourself. A woman is never more beautiful than when she feels beautiful. It’s what makes French fashion “effortless”, knowing that everything you own flatters you.

Hubert de Givenchy is quoted as saying, “The dress must follow the body of the woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”  Your personal style must take into account what features about yourself you want to accent, and what you want to minimize.

If your closet has a personality disorder, or insufficiency, you’ve got some work to do. Let’s start with Pinterest. If you’re not a Pinterest user, download the app now!

You can enter any search words under the sun – Paris fashion, Paris street style, fashion for (20, 30, 40, 50?) year olds, etc. Create a board and start pinning what you love. Not what you necessarily usually wear, but what makes your heart go pitter pat.  No judgement, but do keep in mind the appropriateness for your body type and age.

Once you’ve built up a nice board, look over what you pinned. Is a style emerging that you could describe?

Maybe you find yourself drawn to a more sophisticated look like Chanel. Or an edge-y sort of leather jacket and jeans kind of look, or more casual or menswear kind of look. Can you see yourself dressing or looking that way? Have you nailed down a style that you can name? Zut alors! You have a style!

Once you’ve got your style, commit to it. Open your closet and say goodbye to Sybil – and to all the things that don’t reflect your style and taste. Use your Pinterest board as a clue to put together things in a way you hadn’t thought of before or add accessories that elevate your wardrobe from “clothes” to “fashion”.

I often turn to my Pinterest boards when I don’t know what to wear or what to pack, or just feel kind of uninspired. The clothes on my fashion board reflect the clothes in my wardrobe, so browsing through my board sparks ideas of what to put together for an evening out, business trip or vacation.

Once you’ve identified your personal style, does it become your “uniform”? In a word, hells yeah. You can zhush it up, but don’t go too far from your own signature look.


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