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Wear This, Not That – for Travel

Air France DC3 photo by Bernard O

I remember when people dressed up for airplane travel. I miss that.

Travel can be a very harried proposition, and I’ve always admired women who arrive at the airport looking calm and pulled together, not looking like a bunch of random parts that popped out of a jack-in-the-box (which is how I used to feel). So in the true style of the French woman who looks confident and classy for any occasion, this is something I’ve worked on.

People want to be comfortable – I get that. You want to look casual – of course! And so how do you travel comfortably and emerge confidently, not looking like you just fell out of a tree?


Here’s some head-to-toe suggestions:


You want Instead of Wear
Comfort and ease of walking Flip flops or gym shoes Casual leather sandals, loafers or ballet flats, fashion sneakers (tuck some warm knit socks in your bag for the flight)
Comfortable, sleep-able pants Leggings or yoga pants Tailored slim-fitting pants (J. Crew has a great selection), boyfriend jeans
A stylish way to carry your laptop, iPad, a little touch-up make-up, and maybe a snack or two A canvas or cloth bag An ample classic leather tote
To be prepared for in-cabin temperature fluctuations Souvenir T-shirts or sweatshirts Classic layers – casual cotton tee or silk camisole topped with a blazer or leather jacket, sweater worn around your shoulders for an extra layer, the ubiquitous long scarf
A fresh face on landing Excessive make-up, or no make-up Keep it simple – tinted moisturizer, a little mascara, blush, lipstick. Easy to touch up a little before landing and you have the “necessities” on hand if there’s an issue with luggage arriving.


One more tip – drink water every time it’s offered, and go easy on the coffee and adult beverages. Air travel is very dehydrating, and you’ll look and feel better when you arrive at your destination if you’re not shriveled like a prune.


On my way from Florida to LA last week, a young lady at the airport approached me and complimented me, saying “you look like you work in fashion”.


“Thank you, I’m working on it,” I smiled and replied.


Bon voyage!




  1. Robin Bogan

    Yes!!!!! It seems no matter what I do on the flight, I look and feel haggard upon arrival.
    I have been doing the water but thanks for the ideas on the feet and definitely the bag!
    I don’t understand ever how women look so beautiful on a plane. How are they pressed and perfect.
    It’s just that one woman who puts me to shame!!

  2. Elegance has always been appreciated and admired, and rightly so.
    Love your style, Kelley!

  3. Koko

    Love it!!! So true! I am usually the one looking like I fell out of a tree!!!!

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